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About Us

Al-Sultan Group for Economic Consulting was established with the aim of providing business advice to small and medium-sized companies from various industries in order to meet the needs of those companies for the advice and guidance of specialists in all departments which are the main pillars of success and continuity of companies.

Our main goal is to reach the customer's goals, make a difference, and obtain customer satisfaction by involving him strongly in the wheel of the economy and improving the level of service provided.

Al Sultan group provides economic and financial consulting services --

to companies and institutions from various business sectors, which aim to help companies to develop and upgrade their business to a higher level by developing the business cycle, applying competitive solutions, and achieving goals properly.

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Our core values

We work in an environment centered on serving our clients towards excellence and maintaining clarity and transparency in providing all advisory services.

  • 1. Integrity

    Our group is characterized by objectivity and far from bias or mood.

  • 2. Experience

    Our team provides a realistic view of the market through 20 years of experience in various business fields.

  • Object2
    3. Confidence

    We are your executive team who can provide impartial feedback to facilitate decision-making.

  • 4. Excellence

    The group performs tasks to achieve quality standards in work and we always strive to match professional standards.

  • 5. Responsibility

    Your confidence in us has made us more committed to contracts and deadlines and to carrying out tasks in a professional and innovative manner.

Our continuous investment in our work team raises our efficiency in work and returns mainly to our customers